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Pets Passport: Traveling With Your Pets on Vacation


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Puerto Vallarta – Best Food Tours, Excursions & Beachfront Resorts All-inclusive

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Cozumel, Mexico – Best Beachfront Resorts and Excursions

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How to Say No to a Timeshare Presentation

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Is It Worth Going All Inclusive in Bali?

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How To Renew Your U.S. Passport the Same Day

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Navigating Airport Lounges: Your Passport to Luxury Travel Perks

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How to Avoid Jet Lag

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What’s the Best Way to Cancel a Timeshare?

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airport lounge with many windows

Navigating Airport Lounges: Your Passport to Luxury Travel Perks

In the realm of air travel, airport lounges represent an oasis of calm and luxury, providing a respite from the bustling terminals. These lounges are not just about comfortable seating; they are a gateway to a world of exclusive services and amenities that can transform your travel experience. Understanding how to access and make the most of these lounges is essential for any traveler looking to elevate their journey. Let’s… Read More

man in orange jacket taking picture in forest

Capturing the World Through a Lens: Mastering the Art of Travel Photography

In the wanderlust-driven corners of the internet and the meticulously curated galleries of Instagram, travel photography has carved out its own vibrant niche. It’s not merely about pointing and shooting at something that looks pretty or interesting; it’s about telling a story, your story, and the world’s story, all through the lens of your camera. Whether you’re armed with the latest mirrorless camera or just your trusty smartphone, the essence… Read More

man on beach with dog

Pets Passport: Traveling With Your Pets on Vacation

There’s something uniquely heartwarming about seeing a dog’s head sticking out the car window, ears flapping in the wind, or a cat curiously peeking out of its travel bag at an airport. These moments capture the essence of traveling with pets—a blend of joy, adventure, and companionship. As a seasoned traveler who has navigated the globe with my loyal four-legged companions, I’ve learned that bringing pets along on your journeys… Read More

wine glass with crackers on wooden board

Uncorking America: The Ultimate Guide to Wine Tourism

The Allure of American Wine Country In the heart of every wine enthusiast beats the desire to explore the verdant vineyards and taste the fruits of the earth that encapsulate the spirit of a region. The allure of American wine country is undeniable, offering a patchwork of landscapes each with its own story told through the language of wine. From the sun-kissed valleys of California to the hidden wine gems… Read More

limo driver with passenger

What Are Airport Transfers & How to Find the Best One?

When you travel for vacation, there are a few things you need to account for: airport parking to get on your flight, getting your bags checked for your flight, and transportation after you land from the airport to your hotel or resort. That last one is what we’ll be discussing today – airport transfers. Airport transfers are prearranged transportation from the airport to your hotel or resort. Because airport transfers… Read More

airport baggage and baggage handler

How Much Are Airline Baggage Fees and How to Avoid Them?

When you travel for vacation, you are presented with a challenging situation: Do I pack as light as possible to avoid airline baggage fees? Or to check luggage and pay the high fees the airline charges? After all, there’s a possibility that your flight costs as much as or possibly more than your vacation. You’re likely paying for long-term parking. And the last thing you’ll want to do is add… Read More

row of cars in parking garage

Long-term Airport Parking Rates – How Much & How to Get It Cheaper?

If you’re taking a cruise or vacation at a resort, you might find yourself needing to park your vehicle at the airport for an extended time. What we want to do here is give you an easy matrix to discover how much it will cost to park at your airport and where you can find long-term airport parking that might be cheaper than at the terminal. U.S. Airport Parking Rates… Read More

woman waiting in airport

My Flight Got Canceled – Can I Get a Refund?

With so many flights being canceled these days, knowing if you can get a refund for that canceled flight is a good question. What we’re going to do is first answer the question, “Can I get a refund for a canceled flight?” We’ll also explain airline policy when it comes to flight cancellations. Next, I’ll show you how you can get your money back. And a way to protect yourself… Read More

two white chairs around table with ocean in background

Turks and Caicos – Why You Need to Visit

Turks and Caicos should be first on your vacation list if what you want is a location that’s beautiful, relaxed, but still with lots to do. We’ll get into the details below, but the reasons you need to visit Turks and Caicos is that the weather is beautiful year-round, there are many opportunities to engage in water sports, the beaches are among the best in the world, the U.S. dollar… Read More

woman sleeping on pillow

How to Avoid Jet Lag

Jet lag is a reality for vacationing. Depending on where you live relative to your vacation destination, the effects of jet lag will vary. What we want to answer today is, how to avoid jet lag in the first place. And we’ve come up with 6 things that might help. To avoid jet lag, we recommend: Get uninterrupted sleep in the days leading up to your flight Take vitamin D… Read More

woman with laptop on couch making phone call

Is It Worth Using a Travel Agent for Vacation?

When you are ready to go on your next vacation you have a choice. Do you make all the arrangements yourself? Or do you use a travel agent? Before diving into the subject, I have to provide full disclosure. Prior to the worldwide shutdown, I was a travel agent. So what I’m about to tell you comes from the standpoint of someone who was in the business. So is it… Read More

airplane cabin seats

How To Get the Best Airline Ticket Prices

Finding the best airfare prices has gotten much easier than in years past. We’re going to show you what we think are the best ways to get the best airfare prices, how far in advance you should book to get those prices, and which websites to visit to book your flight. To get the best airline prices, I recommend you: Book 4 months to 3 weeks before your trip Use… Read More

private resort pool with tropical trees and lounge chairs

Is It Worth Sitting Through a Timeshare Presentation?

If you’re asking whether you should sit through a timeshare presentation, one of two things has probably happened: A hotel chain that you have rewards with called you inviting you to a free stay at one of their properties in a prime vacation city if you attend a timeshare presentation. Someone invited you to stay at their timeshare. To get a reduced room rate, you have to attend a timeshare… Read More

large resort pool with palm trees

Can You Rent a Timeshare If You Don’t Own One?

When planning a vacation, you’ll find yourself needing to pick between two camps – those that believe in timeshares and those that do not. That presents an interesting question, Can you rent a timeshare even if you don’t own one? Yes! You can rent a timeshare if you don’t own it. There are a number of companies that will allow timeshare owners to rent their timeshare to people looking to… Read More

passport on paper map

How To Renew Your U.S. Passport the Same Day

If you have a passport, you know the pain of waiting for your passport to arrive. So the thought of having to renew it can be torture. What might surprise you is that it is possible to get your passport renewal in one day! The same day, in fact. Yes, It is possible to get your passport renewed day. However, in order to get your renewed passport the same day,… Read More

open suitcase with t-shirt and glasses

15 Tips to Pack a Suitcase for Vacation

One of the unpleasant things about taking an awesome vacation is packing a suitcase. What makes packing a suitcase for vacation challenging is that it’s something that we only do once every three to six months. So let’s break down what you need to do and what you’ll need to pack a suitcase efficiently.What I’m going to do is give you the answer in bullet points. Then I’m going to… Read More

airplane flying in front of moon and behind palm tree

20 Unusual Items You Can Take On a Plane

We’ve all seen that guy or girl in the TSA security line that gets items they thought they could take on a plane thrown out or confiscated. I can’t imagine how devastated they must feel when that happens. Surprisingly enough, there are items the TSA will permit in aircraft cabins that are unusual. You might be surprised to discover what they are. In this article, we’re going to show you… Read More

resort vacation pool

7 Easy Steps to Book a Resort Vacation

Planning an all-inclusive vacation at a resort can seem like a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. I’m going to give you 7 easy steps to help you book an all-inclusive vacation at a resort. Then I’m going to explain what you need to do in each step and why. 1. Decide What’s Important to You to Enjoy Your Vacation The first thing you need to do is decide… Read More

woman getting massage

5 Relaxing Spa Treatments You Can’t Miss

An exciting part of a vacation at an all-inclusive resort is a trip to the spa. What relaxing spa treatments can you expect to get at a spa visit at an all-inclusive resort? What should you do in preparation for your treatment? And what are the benefits of the treatments you’ll receive at the spa? The type of treatments may vary depending on what type of resort you stay at… Read More

resort rooms next to pool

Resorts vs Villas – What’s the Difference?

As I checked out different resorts, I came across a question that other people have while doing their research. What’s the difference between a resort and a villa?  The difference between a resort and villa is a resort has everything onsite – restaurants, entertainment, activities, etc. Resorts also tend to have many guests. Villas are more private, luxury residences designed for a relaxed, intimate feeling. The number of rooms is very… Read More

cruise ship in port

Are Cruises Cheaper Than Resorts?

Are cruises cheaper than resorts? This is actually a popular question because many of the destinations a cruise will visit are the same islands where resorts are located. In addition to answering the question of whether cruises are cheaper than resorts, we’re going to look into the advantages of going to a resort instead of a cruise.  So, are cruises cheaper than resorts? The answer is Yes, cruises are cheaper than resorts.… Read More

steps leading into pool at the beach

Best Time to Book a Vacation to Jamaica

Everybody wants to save money. That’s especially true when taking a vacation. That extra cash can be used to enjoy your time away from home. In view of that, what is the best time to book an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica to make your money stretch?  The best time to book an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica depends on how flexible you are with your dates:  Book last minute if your… Read More

lounge furniture around infinity pool

Is It Worth Going All Inclusive in Bali?

You’ve decided you’re going to take a vacation at a resort in Bali. But you’ve got questions. Your most pressing question right now is, Is it worth going all-inclusive in Bali? After all, you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily.   So, is it worth going all-inclusive in Bali? There is no one right answer. However, we say it depends on if you’re bringing a family or if you’re traveling solo or with another person.  Yes… Read More

private resort room with pool outside window

Hotel, Motel, Resort – What’s the Difference?

When planning a vacation, it can get confusing trying to decide where to stay. Is a resort better than a hotel? Should a motel be an option? What are the differences between each one? The main difference between a hotel and a resort is that a hotel is typically designed as a place to sleep before heading out to activities such as a conference or sightseeing in a new city.… Read More

decorated table on the beach

What Are the Best Resorts to Get Married In Jamaica?

When I got married, it was a rainy Sunday in March. The temperature was good, but the weather was miserable. That was 30 years ago. A trend that was beginning back then was destination weddings, many in Jamaica. So I asked myself, if I could redo my wedding day but instead do it in sunny Jamaica, what resort would it be?  Here’s my list for the best resorts to get married in… Read More