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What’s the Best Way to Cancel a Timeshare?

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Timeshares Vacation Questions

Right to Use Vs Traditional Timeshare – What’s Different?

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Timeshares Vacation Questions

What Are Timeshares & How Do They Work?

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Timeshares Vacation Questions

Are Timeshares a Scam?

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Timeshares Vacation Questions

Is a Timeshare Ever a Good Idea?

Timeshare Help

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Should I Sell My Timeshare?

That’s a loaded question. We’ve written a few posts that discussed what might lead to this question including, Is a Timeshare Ever a Good Idea?, Do Timeshares Really Save You Money?, and Are Timeshares a Waste of Money? But if you’re here, you’re already past this point. So, let’s help you make a decision. You might want to sell your timeshare if: You rarely use it. The maintenance fees have… Read More

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Why Do People Not Like Timeshares?

You probably have a friend or two who own a timeshare and love it. Then, when you look on the internet and ask if timeshares are a good idea, you find intense hatred toward timeshares. So why do people not like timeshares? There are a number of reasons why people do not like timeshares including: A reputation of shady practices by salespeople Maintenance fees that rise every year by as… Read More

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Why Is Selling My Timeshare So Hard?

If you’re reading this, you have probably been trying to sell your timeshare. Stay with me and I’ll show you how you can get your timeshare transferred to someone else with no costs to you until AFTER it’s transferred. But back to the question at hand. There are multiple reasons why it’s so hard to sell your timeshare. The timeshare resale market is nowhere near as large as you were… Read More

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How Can I Stop Paying Timeshare Maintenance Fees?

Since you’re reading this, you probably are thinking about getting out of your timeshare. You might have a number of reasons to do so. But the top reason is because your maintenance fees are out of control. After all, your maintenance fees can rise as much as 4% every year! In view of that, can you stop paying timeshare maintenance fees? As long as you own the timeshare, you cannot… Read More

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Timeshare Resale Fraud – How to Protect Yourself

Like most things where lots of money is involved, there is a real possibility of getting scammed because you want to get out of your timeshare. What we’re going to do here is to show you how to protect yourself from timeshare resale scams. This will include exposing some of the tactics these scammers use to trick you into giving your money to them. Afterward, we’ll give you our recommendation… Read More

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Why Do People Fall for Timeshare Scams?

Timeshare scams affect thousands of people every year. The reason people fall for timeshare scams is because they are looking for a way out of their timeshare commitment. It could be that the maintenance fees are too high. It might be that they simply cannot afford to make the payments on the timeshare. So, because they want to get out of this commitment, scammers take advantage of this unfortunate situation.… Read More

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Is It Worth Sitting Through a Timeshare Presentation?

If you’re asking whether you should sit through a timeshare presentation, one of two things has probably happened: A hotel chain that you have rewards with called you inviting you to a free stay at one of their properties in a prime vacation city if you attend a timeshare presentation. Someone invited you to stay at their timeshare. To get a reduced room rate, you have to attend a timeshare… Read More

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Can You Rent a Timeshare If You Don’t Own One?

When planning a vacation, you’ll find yourself needing to pick between two camps – those that believe in timeshares and those that do not. That presents an interesting question, Can you rent a timeshare even if you don’t own one? Yes! You can rent a timeshare if you don’t own it. There are a number of companies that will allow timeshare owners to rent their timeshare to people looking to… Read More

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Are Timeshares a Scam?

If you ask your friends or ask a random group of people if timeshares are a scam, you’re going to get a wide variety of answers. To help you get clarity, the first thing I’m going to do is answer the question, “Are timeshares a scam?” Then I’ll explain why I give that answer along with what you should know if you’re considering a timeshare. As an industry, timeshares are… Read More

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7 Reasons Why Timeshares Are Not Worth It

If you’re asking the question, are timeshares worth it, you probably have been told that a timeshare could save your family money on vacations. So, let’s answer your question directly. Then we’ll go into the reasons for our answer. No. Timeshares are not worth it. The reasons why timeshares are not worth it include: Maintenance fees can be high Prices for timeshares are ridiculously high Interest rates are high Can’t… Read More

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What’s the Best Way to Cancel a Timeshare?

If you’re reading this, you probably have a timeshare or know someone who has one. Likely your main concern is how to legally get out of that timeshare. To help you, I’m going to first answer the question what’s the best way to cancel a timeshare. Then we’ll look into the challenges of cancelling a timeshare. As well as investigating how timeshare cancellation works. Let’s give you the answer you… Read More

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Right to Use Vs Traditional Timeshare – What’s Different?

Timeshares are complicated. The basics are the same: pay to use a property for a certain amount of time every year to vacation. But there are different kinds of timeshares. On this site, we’ve discussed fractional ownership timeshares, points-based timeshares, and floating week timeshares. In this post, we’re going to talk about Right to Use (RTU) timeshares. Specifically, we’re going to look at what a Right to Use timeshare is… Read More

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Fractional Timeshare Ownership – Pros and Cons

If you’ve been researching timeshares, you’ve probably come across the term “fractional ownership”. What are the pros and cons of fractional ownership timeshares? What does it mean? And how does it differ from a regular timeshare? Let’s address the elephant in the room. A “fractional timeshare” is a timeshare where you own a portion of the property. In most instances, you will own a unit in the timeshare. However, you… Read More

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How to Say No to a Timeshare Presentation

Since you clicked this article, you are probably planning a vacation and are at least considering going to a timeshare presentation. That’s actually a great idea! Especially if you are going to one in Las Vegas. You’ll be offered everything from free meals to free entertainment on The Strip. In another post, I’ll talk about how you can get the best timeshare offers in Vegas. But for now, what you… Read More

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Do Timeshares Really Save You Money?

When people take vacation, they want to get the best property possible at the lowest price available. Because of that, many people believe that buying a timeshare is the best way to accomplish this. But do timeshares really save you money? What hidden things should you be aware of to help you make that determination? In this article, we’re going to answer that question. We’ll also get the answers to… Read More

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What Are Timeshares & How Do They Work?

If you’re asking the question “what are timeshares”, you’ve either been someplace where you were offered to attend a timeshare presentation. Or you’ve heard about timeshares through friends or some other avenue and want to get more details about timeshares. In order to help you, I’m not just going to answer “what are timeshares” but also explain how timeshares work. This way you can be informed before you go to… Read More

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Is a Timeshare Ever a Good Idea?

Is a timeshare ever a good idea? That’s a more complicated question than what it seems on the surface. We have a post called “Are Timeshares a Waste of Money?” that approaches this subject from a different angle. In that post, we looked at timeshares from a financial standpoint. Specifically, we talk about timeshares as an investment. For this discussion, we want to look at whether a timeshare is ever… Read More

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Are Timeshares a Waste of Money?

So, you’re thinking about buying a timeshare. Your main question is, are timeshares a waste of money? Perhaps you’ve already purchased a timeshare. You probably want to know how to get out of it. If you’re still convinced that a timeshare would work for you, what do you need to know before pulling the trigger? Let’s answer these questions starting with the first one, are timeshares a waste of money?… Read More

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