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Why Eco-tourism Is Increasing In Popularity

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18 Best Places to Swim with Dolphins thru Dolphin Discovery

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man jumping into pool with waterfall

Philippines Adventure Tours

If you’re craving a rush of adrenaline and a taste of untamed excitement, then the Philippines is calling your name! Picture this: You’re standing on a remote tropical island, surrounded by lush greenery, pristine white sands, and the rhythmic crashing of turquoise waves. It’s not just a dream; it’s a reality waiting to be discovered. From scaling towering peaks to plunging into mystical underwater worlds, the Philippines is an adventurer’s… Learn More

resort room on the ocean

Cozumel, Mexico – Best Beachfront Resorts and Excursions

Are you ready for a sun-soaked escape that will leave you breathless? Look no further than Cozumel, Mexico, home to some of the most stunning beachfront resorts and exhilarating excursions you’ll ever come across. Picture yourself waking up to the gentle lullaby of crashing waves, stepping out onto your private balcony to witness the vibrant hues of the Caribbean Sea. From snorkeling through dazzling coral reefs to embarking on thrilling… Learn More

small private resort pool with palm trees

Puerto Vallarta – Best Food Tours, Excursions & Beachfront Resorts All-inclusive

In the interest of full disclosure, Puerto Vallarta was my first vacation out of the country. Some of the things that made it THE most memorable vacation were the food and the activities. So to help you plan your vacation in Puerto Vallarta, we’ll get into some of the unique things you can do. Then, we’ll show you our selection of all-inclusive beach resorts in Puerto Vallarta. Unique Things to… Learn More

ocean resort pool with tables and umbrellas

Playa del Carmen – Best All-inclusive Beachfront Resorts & Activities

You probably know about Playa del Carmen as having some of the best beaches in Mexico. If you’re ready to grab one of the best beachfront resorts in Playa del Carmen, scroll down the page to see where you’ll be staying when you visit. Once you’ve got your lodging taken care of, the next thing on your agenda will be finding things to do in Playa del Carmen. And there… Learn More

woman in kayak on river

Best Ecotours in Thailand

Once you’ve booked your resort for your stay in Thailand, you’re going to want to plan your activities. Because of the lush vegetation of the country, one good way to do it is by booking yourself an eco-tour. There’s a reason why ecotourism is increasing in popularity. And Thailand is a great place to check out natural tourist attractions. What we’ve done is compiled a list of sustainable, green tourism… Learn More

woman swimming with whale

Best Eco Tours in the Philippines

The Philippines is known for its lush forests and abundant, unique wildlife. That makes the Philippines a great place to visit if you want to include an eco tour in your itinerary. Ecotourism is increasing in popularity. And the Philippines will give you ample opportunity to explore it. We’ve compiled some of the best ecotours in the Philippines. You’ll notice that some tours are of the same area. That’s because… Learn More

pretty woman rubbing dolphin belly

18 Best Places to Swim with Dolphins thru Dolphin Discovery

Since you’re looking for the best places to swim with dolphins, you probably want to know more than just the locations. Likely you want to know what the costs are and what dolphin experiences you can expect for those prices. In view of that, instead of just giving you a listing of these 18 locations, we thought it would be more beneficial to you if we told you what you… Learn More

man in blue shirt and green helmet ziplining

5 Awesome Places to Zipline In Puerto Rico

Ziplining is a popular thing to do on vacation, particularly on ecotours. Before getting into our list, here are some things you should know if you want to zipline in Puerto Rico. Expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $134 plus tax to go ziplining in Puerto Rico. If you really want to challenge yourself, go to Toro Verde Adventure park in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. It holds the Guinness World… Learn More

man on hill overlooking lake

Why Eco-tourism Is Increasing In Popularity

Ecotourism has been increasing in popularity since the 1980’s by about 10% annually because more and more governments are encouraging it. That’s because people interested in ecotourism spend a lot of money. For example, one 10-day all-inclusive eco tour cost upwards of $11,000. This means that governments are benefiting from the money being spent by ecotourists. Social media is another factor aiding in the popularity of ecotourism. When people post… Learn More

giant turtle with scuba diver

6 Best Eco Tours In Cancun

One of the great things about staying at a resort unlike a cruise, is that you can really indulge in excursions. Here is our list of the 10 best eco tours you can visit while in Cancun. Why Eco Tours Before we get into the details of these excursions, we should answer the question: Why is eco-tourism getting so popular? With the concerns over pollution and the extinction of animal… Learn More