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Can You Rent a Timeshare If You Don’t Own One?

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Is It Worth Sitting Through a Timeshare Presentation?

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modern fireplace in wall with gray sofa

Should I Sell My Timeshare?

That’s a loaded question. We’ve written a few posts that discussed what might lead to this question including, Is a Timeshare Ever a Good Idea?, Do Timeshares Really Save You Money?, and Are Timeshares a Waste of Money? But if you’re here, you’re already past this point. So, let’s help you make a decision. You might want to sell your timeshare if: You rarely use it. The maintenance fees have… Read More

ski lodge with fireplace made of stone going up entire wall

Best Ski Resorts in the Poconos

As someone who was born and raised in Philadelphia, going to the Poconos during ski season is just what is done. Just as normal as birds sitting on tree branches. So I can tell you that if you’re on the East Coast and are looking for someplace to enjoy the winter OR summer season, the Poconos is one of the places you should put on your list. Some things you… Read More

outdoor patio furniture facing lake and snow covered mountains

Best Ski Resorts in Lake Tahoe

It goes without saying, if you’re considering a stay at Lake Tahoe, you know it’s one of the best places in the world for skiing. Things is, Lake Tahoe is a good place to visit all year. Here are some of the reasons to make Lake Tahoe one of your vacation destinations anytime of the year. Reasons to Visit Lake Tahoe Snow in Lake Tahoe is measured in feet not… Read More

boy in hoddie showing thumbs down

Why Do People Not Like Timeshares?

You probably have a friend or two who own a timeshare and love it. Then, when you look on the internet and ask if timeshares are a good idea, you find intense hatred toward timeshares. So why do people not like timeshares? There are a number of reasons why people do not like timeshares including: A reputation of shady practices by salespeople Maintenance fees that rise every year by as… Read More

frustrated woman in front of laptop

Why Is Selling My Timeshare So Hard?

If you’re reading this, you have probably been trying to sell your timeshare. Stay with me and I’ll show you how you can get your timeshare transferred to someone else with no costs to you until AFTER it’s transferred. But back to the question at hand. There are multiple reasons why it’s so hard to sell your timeshare. The timeshare resale market is nowhere near as large as you were… Read More

woman at laptop with pencil in mouth

How Can I Stop Paying Timeshare Maintenance Fees?

Since you’re reading this, you probably are thinking about getting out of your timeshare. You might have a number of reasons to do so. But the top reason is because your maintenance fees are out of control. After all, your maintenance fees can rise as much as 4% every year! In view of that, can you stop paying timeshare maintenance fees? As long as you own the timeshare, you cannot… Read More

two red drinks on table in front of ocean

Nuevo Vallarta Beachfront Resorts

Are you looking for a luxurious vacation in western Mexico? Nuevo Vallarta is exactly where you need to stay for vacation. Nuevo Vallarta is about 45 minutes from Puerto Vallarta just for reference. That gives you an opportunity to enjoy the best of both cities. But keeping our focus on Nuevo Vallarta, it includes golf courses and miles of beautiful beaches. And there’s plenty to keep yourself busy. From scuba… Read More

large infinity pool at the ocean

Puerto Morelos All-inclusive Beachfront Resorts

Ecotourism lovers rejoice! Puerto Morelos, Mexico is one of the best places you can stay at for a vacation if you like ecotourism and outdoor activities. Check out these facts about Puerto Morelos: National Reef Park – 2nd largest reef in the world (Mesoamerican Barrier Reef) Great Mayan Aquifer – longest underground river system in the world 160-acre Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín Botanical Garden Fishing tournaments in the summer Because… Read More

aerial view of resort swimming pools

Dominica Hotels

Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) is a hidden gem in the Caribbean. Situated one island south of Guadeloupe and one island north of Martinique, it offers all the tropical luxuriance that you’d expect from a Caribbean vacation destination. If that was all it offered, you could get that in one of the other Caribbean locations. But if you’re into nature and ecotourism, Dominica should definitely be… Read More

large resort pool at ocean

Honduras All-inclusive Beachfront Resorts

If you’re looking for something that is the opposite of Cancun and Jamaica, you might want to visit Honduras. First, the country is an ecotourist heaven. With misty waterfalls, jungles, beaches lined with palm trees, Honduras will give you a vacation experience that you won’t get in the more popular vacation destinations. That’s because it’s not as built up as those other areas. When you come, make sure you bring… Read More

square resort pool with palm trees at ocean

Curaçao Beachfront Resorts

I’ve got to tell you with full disclosure, I’ve been to Curaçao a few times. And I have to say, it’s a great place to vacation. For one, you won’t have to worry about extreme weather like hurricanes cutting your vacation short like you would if you vacationed in Jamaica or parts of the Caribbean. That’s because Curaçao is located outside of the “hurricane belt”. Which means hurricanes typically don’t… Read More

wooden chairs on wood deck looking at mountain across lake

Guatemala Hotels

Who is Guatemala for? We’d say it’s for the person that enjoys lots of outdoor activiteis in the ecotourism vein. Imagine hiking active volcanoes! Can you picture yourself on an excursion through rainforests? If going on ecotours isn’t what you want to do on vacation, there’s plenty more to absorb while in Guatemala. The history buff will enjoy over 1,500 Mayan ruins! When you want to destress and relax, you… Read More

private resort room with infinity pool

Jamaica Luxury All-inclusive Beach Resorts

We don’t really need to stay much to entice you to consider Jamaica as a vacation destination. And after you review the resorts on this list, we’re sure you’ll find one that will suit you perfectly for your next vacation. If you’re thinking of Jamaica as a destination for your wedding, these will definitely satisfy your needs. And if you need to know when the best time to visit Jamaica… Read More

two lounge chairs and table sitting in infinity pool at ocean

Huatulco, Mexico Beach Hotels

Huatulco, Mexico is one of the most beautiful, lesser-known vacation destinations in Mexico. It’s not an overdeveloped, crowded location like Cancun. If you want to decompress, Huatulco is your spot. While you’re there, you can relax on any one of 36 beaches with gorgeous turquoise waters. Strap on your snorkeling gear or scuba diving equipment to explore the awesome underwater sea life and other ecotourism activities. Plan your trip between… Read More

lounge chairs under patio at the beach

St. Lucia All-inclusive Resorts

If you want to spend your vacation immersed in nature, St. Lucia is where you want to stay. Because the island was formed by volcanic eruptions, the soil produces lush vegetation and beautiful flowers. This means there are plenty of opportunities to go ziplining through the jungle tops, riding ATVs through the forests, and take in the waterfalls. You’ll also be able to enjoy the bubbling mud pools and Sulpher… Read More

long pool with palm trees

Pacific Resorts

Some of the most beautiful places on earth to vacation are in the Pacific. From Australia and Fiji to Singapore and the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll find just the right place to spend your next vacation. Australian Resorts Read More

lounge chairs and pools under pergola

Antigua All-inclusive Beachfront Resorts

Antigua is a fantastic place to vacation if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature while engaging with the local culture. From the friendly people, pink and white sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters, you can soak in all the eco-friendly activities Antigua has to offer. There are also UNESCO sites, museums, and historical sites to explore. And as the sun goes down, enjoy spending time with your fellow… Read More

large resort pool with palm trees

Grand Cayman Resorts

You’ve probably heard about the Grand Cayman islands. But perhaps you may be unfamiliar with why it gets so much attention. If you want beautiful surrounding, there are many islands and vacation destinations that can provide that. When you want to enjoy ecotourism activities, that’s where Grand Cayman shines. Especially if you like water activities. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular because of the underwater shipwrecks, underwater statues, and vibrant… Read More

two resort pools at the ocean

Barbados All-inclusive Beachfront Resorts

You might already be familiar with Barbados since it’s the home of Rihanna. But there’s more to appreciate when visiting Barbados. If you are a foodie, you’ll want to take in the fine dining and street food available as you explore the island. Then there are, of course, the beaches. From the white, sandy beaches on the west coast, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to soak in the sun. With… Read More

long pool with palm trees

Best Luxury Resorts in Australia

When you think of Australia, the first things that might come to mind are the beautiful actors that come from the Land Down Under, like Chris Hemsworth, Margo Robbie, Hugh Jackman, and Nicole Kidman. There are more beautiful things there besides cranking out gorgeous people. Consider these Popular Tours in the Viator carousel below to learn what you can enjoy when vacationing in Australia: You’re going to need a place… Read More

pergola on patio

Aruba All-inclusive Beach Resorts

I’ve been to Aruba a couple of times as of the writing of this post. And I can tell you, Aruba is one of the best places to get away from the grind of daily life. Aruba is sunny almost all the time and has very little rain. The weather also makes for ideal water sports and activities. You’ll also enjoy the white sand beaches. Here’s an inside tip: select… Read More

two lounge chairs under umbrella at resort pool

Isla Mujeres Luxury Resorts

Here at Luxury Dream Resorts we like Mexico. And for good reason. So it should come as no surprise that the island of Isla Mujeres makes our list of luxury resorts we think you should consider. Isla Mujeres is off the coast of Cancun. So you can enjoy all the action of Cancun then come back to the serenity of Isla Mujeres. That doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact, Isla… Read More

man sitting in pool at the beach

Tanzania All-inclusive Luxury Beach Resorts

If you want a vacation that is out of the ordinary but will still be luxurious, you need to take a trip to Tanzania. Particularly if you are interested in ecotourism, you’ll want to put Tanzania on your list. For example, you could climb Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Or perhaps you’d like to visit some of the many national parks like The Serengeti National Park and the Selous Game Reserve.… Read More

man and woman on bed with fish swimming above

Underwater Hotels – Where to Stay

What if you could have all the advantages of scuba diving while never getting wet? If that sounds appealing to you, you’ll want to stay in an underwater hotel. Underwater hotels are located in warmer climate areas around the world including, Dubai, Maldives, Singapore – even China and Australia. If you’re ready to consider staying in an underwater hotel, check out these underwater hotels around the world. Underwater Hotels Around… Read More

limo driver with passenger

What Are Airport Transfers & How to Find the Best One?

When you travel for vacation, there are a few things you need to account for: airport parking to get on your flight, getting your bags checked for your flight, and transportation after you land from the airport to your hotel or resort. That last one is what we’ll be discussing today – airport transfers. Airport transfers are prearranged transportation from the airport to your hotel or resort. Because airport transfers… Read More

airport baggage and baggage handler

How Much Are Airline Baggage Fees and How to Avoid Them?

When you travel for vacation, you are presented with a challenging situation: Do I pack as light as possible to avoid airline baggage fees? Or to check luggage and pay the high fees the airline charges? After all, there’s a possibility that your flight costs as much as or possibly more than your vacation. You’re likely paying for long-term parking. And the last thing you’ll want to do is add… Read More

stressed woman in front of laptop

Timeshare Resale Fraud – How to Protect Yourself

Like most things where lots of money is involved, there is a real possibility of getting scammed because you want to get out of your timeshare. What we’re going to do here is to show you how to protect yourself from timeshare resale scams. This will include exposing some of the tactics these scammers use to trick you into giving your money to them. Afterward, we’ll give you our recommendation… Read More

row of cars in parking garage

Long-term Airport Parking Rates – How Much & How to Get It Cheaper?

If you’re taking a cruise or vacation at a resort, you might find yourself needing to park your vehicle at the airport for an extended time. What we want to do here is give you an easy matrix to discover how much it will cost to park at your airport and where you can find long-term airport parking that might be cheaper than at the terminal. U.S. Airport Parking Rates… Read More

man jumping into pool with waterfall

Philippines Adventure Tours

There are a lot of things to do when you go on vacation in the Philippines. For one, there are some fascinating eco-tours you can take while on vacation. There are other things you can do as well. So for this list, we’re going to give you a list of adventures you can enjoy while your one vacation in the Philippines. And the best part? You can reserve the tour… Read More

resort room on the ocean

Cozumel, Mexico – Best Beachfront Resorts and Excursions

Cozumel is one of the most popular places in Mexico to vacation. Does it have something to do with possessing some of the best beaches, dive sites, and resorts in Mexico? Yes. Yes, it does. And to make it easier to plan your vacation in Cozumel, we’re going to itemize all these things in lists so you can start enjoying your vacation sooner. Things to Do in Cozumel As we… Read More

small private resort pool with palm trees

Puerto Vallarta – Best Food Tours, Excursions & Beachfront Resorts All-inclusive

In the interest of full disclosure, Puerto Vallarta was my first vacation out of the country. Some of the things that made it THE most memorable vacation were the food and the activities. So to help you plan your vacation in Puerto Vallarta, we’ll get into some of the unique things you can do. Then, we’ll show you our selection of all-inclusive beach resorts in Puerto Vallarta. Unique Things to… Read More

ocean resort pool with tables and umbrellas

Playa del Carmen – Best All-inclusive Beachfront Resorts & Activities

You probably know about Playa del Carmen as having some of the best beaches in Mexico. If you’re ready to grab one of the best beachfront resorts in Playa del Carmen, scroll down the page to see where you’ll be staying when you visit. Once you’ve got your lodging taken care of, the next thing on your agenda will be finding things to do in Playa del Carmen. And there… Read More

private resort pool at the beach

Best Luxury Resorts in Japan

If you’re looking to enjoy a vacation that is different from the traditional holiday, you need to put Japan on your list. While there, there are a number of things you can enjoy. Take a look at the Popular Tours in Japan shown in this carousal: If you weren’t convinced you should visit Japan, that list hopefully changed your mind. That means you’ll need a place to stay to enjoy… Read More

infinity pool surrounded by lounge chairs and umbrellas

Best All-inclusive Beach Resorts – Bahamas

There is almost no question that the Bahamas is one of the best places in the Caribbean to go on vacation. The beautiful beaches, warm weather – and of course, the food – make the Bahamas a great place to take a holiday. There’s a lot to do while you’re in the Bahamas too. The challenge is finding what to do and where to do it. To help you out,… Read More

woman in kayak on river

Best Ecotours in Thailand

Once you’ve booked your resort for your stay in Thailand, you’re going to want to plan your activities. Because of the lush vegetation of the country, one good way to do it is by booking yourself an eco-tour. There’s a reason why ecotourism is increasing in popularity. And Thailand is a great place to check out natural tourist attractions. What we’ve done is compiled a list of sustainable, green tourism… Read More

woman swimming with whale

Best Eco Tours in the Philippines

The Philippines is known for its lush forests and abundant, unique wildlife. That makes the Philippines a great place to visit if you want to include an eco tour in your itinerary. Ecotourism is increasing in popularity. And the Philippines will give you ample opportunity to explore it. We’ve compiled some of the best ecotours in the Philippines. You’ll notice that some tours are of the same area. That’s because… Read More

woman waiting in airport

My Flight Got Canceled – Can I Get a Refund?

With so many flights being canceled these days, knowing if you can get a refund for that canceled flight is a good question. What we’re going to do is first answer the question, “Can I get a refund for a canceled flight?” We’ll also explain airline policy when it comes to flight cancellations. Next, I’ll show you how you can get your money back. And a way to protect yourself… Read More

private resort pool with lounge chairs

Best Fiji Beachfront Resorts

If there is one place on earth where everyone can agree would be an awesome place to go on holiday! From pristine beaches and beautiful waters to lush vegetation and amazing food, Fiji is absolutely a place you should consider for your next vacation. We’ve compiled what we think are the best beach resort in Fiji to enjoy your next holiday. Fiji Beachfront Resorts Castaway Island Fiji Image credit: Tripadvisor… Read More

two white chairs around table with ocean in background

Turks and Caicos – Why You Need to Visit

Turks and Caicos should be first on your vacation list if what you want is a location that’s beautiful, relaxed, but still with lots to do. We’ll get into the details below, but the reasons you need to visit Turks and Caicos is that the weather is beautiful year-round, there are many opportunities to engage in water sports, the beaches are among the best in the world, the U.S. dollar… Read More

woman sleeping on pillow

How to Avoid Jet Lag

Jet lag is a reality for vacationing. Depending on where you live relative to your vacation destination, the effects of jet lag will vary. What we want to answer today is, how to avoid jet lag in the first place. And we’ve come up with 6 things that might help. To avoid jet lag, we recommend: Get uninterrupted sleep in the days leading up to your flight Take vitamin D… Read More

infinity pool in front of ocean with palm trees

Cabo San Lucas All-inclusive Beach Resorts

If what you’re looking for in a vacation is a beautiful tropical environment, beautiful beaches, culture and a foodie’s paradise, there’s no question. Cabo San Lucas is where you need to be. There is SO much to do and see in Cabo San Lucas that it’s difficult to pick where to start. There are, of course, the beaches. Then there are the outdoor activities for those who enjoy an active… Read More

ocean behind large infinity pool

Hotels in El Salvador

If you want your next vacation to be different from the popular tourist destinations with crowded beaches, pools, and restaurants, El Salvador might be for you. It’s the smallest country in Central America. And that can be a good thing. It means you won’t have all the tourists crowding the country like you’d see in Cancun or Saint Martin. This will allow you the opportunity to soak in untouched nature,… Read More

woman with laptop on couch making phone call

Is It Worth Using a Travel Agent for Vacation?

When you are ready to go on your next vacation you have a choice. Do you make all the arrangements yourself? Or do you use a travel agent? Before diving into the subject, I have to provide full disclosure. Prior to the worldwide shutdown, I was a travel agent. So what I’m about to tell you comes from the standpoint of someone who was in the business. So is it… Read More

two chairs behind small pool overlooking ocean

All-inclusive Panama Beach Resorts

Panama is one of those destinations that doesn’t get the attention that other locations like Cancun, Jamaica, and Bali. There are a number of good reasons to place Panama on your vacation destination list. For one, they use the U.S. dollar for currency. So there’s no need to be concerned about exchange rates. And that’s a good thing. Because it will be easier to purchase their world-renowned Panama coffee. It… Read More

airplane cabin seats

How To Get the Best Airline Ticket Prices

Finding the best airfare prices has gotten much easier than in years past. We’re going to show you what we think are the best ways to get the best airfare prices, how far in advance you should book to get those prices, and which websites to visit to book your flight. To get the best airline prices, I recommend you: Book 4 months to 3 weeks before your trip Use… Read More

blue wooden walkway leading to beach

Are Vacation Clubs Worth It?

Since you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to decide if your money would be better spent on a vacation club vs a timeshare. What we’ll do here is break down the details of vacation clubs and how they work. Then we’ll get into some of the specifics of the most popular vacation clubs so you can decide if a timeshare or a vacation club is right for you. Vacation clubs… Read More

couch under covering on beach

Best Tulum Mexico Beach Resorts

If you’re considering a vacation in Mexico, the first place that might come to mind is Cancun. But you might be surprised to know that Tulum is the most searched vacation destination in Mexico only behind Cancun. What makes Tulum an ideal place to vacation? According to Tulum.com, you get “total relaxation, tranquility and seclusion”. What that means is you get all the advantages of being in Cancun without all… Read More

wooden deck with cabanas next to pool at sunset

Best All-inclusive Resorts Cancun

When it comes to vacationing in Mexico, Cancun almost needs no explanation. Whether it’s spring break or summer vacation, Cancun is where everyone seems to want to land. Here are some of the things you can do or visit while in Cancun: Beaches (of course) Xcaret Parks Mayan Museum of Cancun Golf Nichupté Lagoon Swim with dolphins Because there are so many places to stay in Cancun, we’ve curated what… Read More

bed looking through open window to ocean

Best All-inclusive Resorts – Costa Rica

Costa Rica isn’t one of those places people tend to put on their list. But you’ll see that it’s one you probably should be adding. For one, there’s never a “bad” time of year to go to Costa Rica. The country is located on the land mass just north of Panama. This also means you can enjoy the Caribbean Sea on the east coast and the Pacific Ocean on the… Read More

resort pool with patio and swim-up bar

Why Do People Fall for Timeshare Scams?

Timeshare scams affect thousands of people every year. The reason people fall for timeshare scams is because they are looking for a way out of their timeshare commitment. It could be that the maintenance fees are too high. It might be that they simply cannot afford to make the payments on the timeshare. So, because they want to get out of this commitment, scammers take advantage of this unfortunate situation.… Read More

private resort pool with tropical trees and lounge chairs

Is It Worth Sitting Through a Timeshare Presentation?

If you’re asking whether you should sit through a timeshare presentation, one of two things has probably happened: A hotel chain that you have rewards with called you inviting you to a free stay at one of their properties in a prime vacation city if you attend a timeshare presentation. Someone invited you to stay at their timeshare. To get a reduced room rate, you have to attend a timeshare… Read More

large resort pool with palm trees

Can You Rent a Timeshare If You Don’t Own One?

When planning a vacation, you’ll find yourself needing to pick between two camps – those that believe in timeshares and those that do not. That presents an interesting question, Can you rent a timeshare even if you don’t own one? Yes! You can rent a timeshare if you don’t own it. There are a number of companies that will allow timeshare owners to rent their timeshare to people looking to… Read More

candles around table for two in front of pool at ocean

What Does All-Inclusive Mean?

Vacations can be expensive. That’s why finding a resort that is all-inclusive is on many people’s radars when planning for vacation. What does “all-inclusive” mean when it comes to resort vacations? All-inclusive resorts include everything that you will need to enjoy your vacation at no added cost. That means all food is included. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Non-alcoholic beverages are also included as well. In many high-end luxury resorts,… Read More

pretty woman rubbing dolphin belly

18 Best Places to Swim with Dolphins thru Dolphin Discovery

Since you’re looking for the best places to swim with dolphins, you probably want to know more than just the locations. Likely you want to know what the costs are and what dolphin experiences you can expect for those prices. In view of that, instead of just giving you a listing of these 18 locations, we thought it would be more beneficial to you if we told you what you… Read More

passport on paper map

How To Renew Your U.S. Passport the Same Day

If you have a passport, you know the pain of waiting for your passport to arrive. So the thought of having to renew it can be torture. What might surprise you is that it is possible to get your passport renewal in one day! The same day, in fact. Yes, It is possible to get your passport renewed day. However, in order to get your renewed passport the same day,… Read More

large resort pool with palm trees

Central American Resorts

Central America is an overlooked place when it comes to vacation destinations. Yet some of the most interesting sites are found in this part of the world. We’ll be adding to this list to make planning your vacation to a resort in Central America as easy as possible. Best Central American Resorts All-inclusive Beach Resorts Panama Costa Rica Read More

large resort pool

Best Caribbean Resorts

One of the most popular places to vacation is the Caribbean. And for good reason. The beaches in the Caribbean are among the best in the world. Not to mention, the weather is good nearly all year round. If you enjoy ecotourism, the Caribbean is one of the best places on earth to enjoy them. To make your vacation planning easier, this will be continually updated with resorts from each… Read More

large resort pool with palm trees

Best Belize All-inclusive Resorts

Belize is a vacation destination that doesn’t get the attention that some other locations do. Following that trend would be a big mistake. This is especially true if you are interested in ecotourism. Consider some of the unique eco-centric things unique to Belize: Belize Barrier Reef: Belize has the 2nd largest barrier reef system in the ENTIRE world! Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife sanctuary is home to the ONLY… Read More

very large resort infinity pool in front of ocean

Saint Martin/Sint Maarten Beach Resorts

St. Martin/Sint Maarten is an interesting island. There are things you need to know before deciding where to vacation on this island. The St. Martin side of the island is French. The Sint Maarten side is Dutch. And if you’re an American, you will notice the difference. For example, if you want to use a restroom on the French side, you can’t just go to a store and reqeust to… Read More

overlooking ocean from resort room

Best Puerto Rico Beach Resorts

Puerto Rico is one of the best places to vacation in the Caribbean, particularly if you are an American. Puerto Rico is an American territory. That means that being on the island is just like being in any of the 48 mainland states. The American dollar is used. So there’s no worries about money conversion. There are even U.S. Post Offices. So mailing cards or souvenirs to family is just… Read More

two lounge chairs on patio in front of ocean

South Africa Resorts

If you want a vacation that is out of the ordinary, you have to put South Africa on your list. Staying at resorts in South Africa gives you access to some of the best beaches in the world. Not only that, if you want to go on safari, South Africa is one of the best places to do it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of resorts and hotels in… Read More

over-water bungalow

What Does All-Inclusive at Sandals Resorts Mean?

When planning a vacation, there are a lot of things you’ll want to do. It’s for that reason that all-inclusive resorts are a popular choice for a vacation. So, if I had to define “all-inclusive” in a sentence it would be: A vacation destination where everything from your room to food, drink (in most cases this includes alcoholic drinks), entertainment and daily activities are included. It also means that you… Read More

4 white chairs with lighted table in front of pool

Are Timeshares a Scam?

If you ask your friends or ask a random group of people if timeshares are a scam, you’re going to get a wide variety of answers. To help you get clarity, the first thing I’m going to do is answer the question, “Are timeshares a scam?” Then I’ll explain why I give that answer along with what you should know if you’re considering a timeshare. As an industry, timeshares are… Read More

pool lounge chairs in front of infinity pool in front of ocean

7 Reasons Why Timeshares Are Not Worth It

If you’re asking the question, are timeshares worth it, you probably have been told that a timeshare could save your family money on vacations. So, let’s answer your question directly. Then we’ll go into the reasons for our answer. No. Timeshares are not worth it. The reasons why timeshares are not worth it include: Maintenance fees can be high Prices for timeshares are ridiculously high Interest rates are high Can’t… Read More

red flower on pool surrounded by pool chairs

African Luxury Resorts

When choosing a place to vacation, sometimes you want something a little different. If this describes you, you need to check out luxury resorts in Africa. That’s right. Africa! If you think the only thing to do when visiting Africa is to go on safari, then you would be extremely wrong. Africa has some of the best luxury beach resorts. And if you’re into ecotourism, then you absolutely must try… Read More

covered bed on deck overlooking ocean

Madagascar Luxury Beach Resorts

If you want to enjoy a truly luxurious vacation that isn’t in the usual places, you absolutely MUST put luxury beach resorts in Madagascar on your list. To help narrow down so many amazing choices, we’ve curated our list of what we think are the best luxury beach resorts in Madagascar. And the best part? It’s not as expensive as you might think. Besides being in one of the most… Read More

open suitcase with t-shirt and glasses

15 Tips to Pack a Suitcase for Vacation

One of the unpleasant things about taking an awesome vacation is packing a suitcase. What makes packing a suitcase for vacation challenging is that it’s something that we only do once every three to six months. So let’s break down what you need to do and what you’ll need to pack a suitcase efficiently.What I’m going to do is give you the answer in bullet points. Then I’m going to… Read More

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What’s the Best Way to Cancel a Timeshare?

If you’re reading this, you probably have a timeshare or know someone who has one. Likely your main concern is how to legally get out of that timeshare. To help you, I’m going to first answer the question what’s the best way to cancel a timeshare. Then we’ll look into the challenges of cancelling a timeshare. As well as investigating how timeshare cancellation works. Let’s give you the answer you… Read More

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Right to Use Vs Traditional Timeshare – What’s Different?

Timeshares are complicated. The basics are the same: pay to use a property for a certain amount of time every year to vacation. But there are different kinds of timeshares. On this site, we’ve discussed fractional ownership timeshares, points-based timeshares, and floating week timeshares. In this post, we’re going to talk about Right to Use (RTU) timeshares. Specifically, we’re going to look at what a Right to Use timeshare is… Read More

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Fractional Timeshare Ownership – Pros and Cons

If you’ve been researching timeshares, you’ve probably come across the term “fractional ownership”. What are the pros and cons of fractional ownership timeshares? What does it mean? And how does it differ from a regular timeshare? Let’s address the elephant in the room. A “fractional timeshare” is a timeshare where you own a portion of the property. In most instances, you will own a unit in the timeshare. However, you… Read More

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How to Say No to a Timeshare Presentation

Since you clicked this article, you are probably planning a vacation and are at least considering going to a timeshare presentation. That’s actually a great idea! Especially if you are going to one in Las Vegas. You’ll be offered everything from free meals to free entertainment on The Strip. In another post, I’ll talk about how you can get the best timeshare offers in Vegas. But for now, what you… Read More

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Do Timeshares Really Save You Money?

When people take vacation, they want to get the best property possible at the lowest price available. Because of that, many people believe that buying a timeshare is the best way to accomplish this. But do timeshares really save you money? What hidden things should you be aware of to help you make that determination? In this article, we’re going to answer that question. We’ll also get the answers to… Read More

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What Are Timeshares & How Do They Work?

If you’re asking the question “what are timeshares”, you’ve either been someplace where you were offered to attend a timeshare presentation. Or you’ve heard about timeshares through friends or some other avenue and want to get more details about timeshares. In order to help you, I’m not just going to answer “what are timeshares” but also explain how timeshares work. This way you can be informed before you go to… Read More

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Luxury Resorts Directory

Why are luxury all-inclusive resorts good? All-inclusive luxury resorts are good because everything you want on vacation is available to you and included in the price. All your food, beverages (and depending on the resort, alcoholic drinks too), entertainment, and vacation activities come with the cost of your vacation. Luxury all-inclusive resorts makes your vacation even more amazing because of your room. The bedding, décor, and service make you feel… Read More

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Vietnam All-inclusive Resorts

Luxury resorts in Vietnam are among the most coveted for vacations. These resorts in Vietnam are popular for couples on honeymoons and anniversaries. Many of the resorts on our list have pools and beach access. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of 5-star resorts in Vietnam we think will offer you an awesome vacation. Plan Your Activities in Vietnam Once you arrive in Vietnam, you’ll want to indulge… Read More

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Thailand All-inclusive Beach Resorts

When it comes to selecting an all-inclusive resort to take a vacation, few places beat Thailand. In order to help you decide, we’ve put together a list of all-inclusive resorts in Thailand that are located on the beach. Just click on the resort that interests you and you can book right from the link. Plan Your Activities in Thailand Once you arrive in Thailand, you’ll want to begin soaking in… Read More

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Taiwan All-inclusive Resorts

Planning your all-inclusive resort vacation in Taiwan opens a world of opportunities. To help make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of all-inclusive resorts that we think will help you plan an awesome vacation. Plan Your Tours and Excursions in Taiwan Once you’ve picked where you’ll stay in Taiwan, you’ll want to book your tours and excursions. Finding the best, most interesting places to visit can be a challenge if… Read More

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Philippines All-inclusive Resorts

One of the most popular destinations for all-inclusive resorts is the Philippines. And there are a bunch of resorts to choose from. We’ve compiled our list of resorts that we think will give you an amazing experience. All the resorts in this list are 5-star and many have beach access and private pools. Expect to pay anywhere from $60/night to $300/night for a vacation at an all-inclusive resort in the… Read More

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Malaysia All-inclusive Beach Resorts

Malaysia has some of the best all-inclusive resorts you can stay at for vacation. We help you out by providing you a list of all-inclusive resorts in Malaysia. And we made sure to give you resorts that are 5-star and have beaches. Plan Your Tours on Your Malaysia Vacation If you plan to take a vacation to Malaysia, you’ve got to take yourself on tours and excursions! Which ones should… Read More

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Laos All-inclusive Resorts

Planning to stay at an all-inclusive resort for vacation in Laos is a great idea! Laos is pretty inexpensive when it comes to all-inclusive resorts. And it’s relatively safe for tourists. When traveling on vacation, it’s always wise to be aware of your surroundings. However, there’s no reason to be overly concerned about being a victim of crime while staying at a Laos all-inclusive resort. To help you plan your… Read More

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Indonesia All-inclusive Resorts

Indonesia is a popular place to take a vacation at all-inclusive resorts. To help you plan your vacation, we have compiled the top all-inclusive resorts in Indonesia. All the resorts on this list are 5-star rated resorts. And many of these resorts have pools and beach access. If you are planning a honeymoon, Bali is a popular place where couples stay in all-inclusive resorts. However, there are more places in… Read More

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Cambodia All-Inclusive Resorts

If you’re planning your vacation, Cambodia is one of the best places you can choose. The first question you likely have is: Where should I stay in Cambodia? To answer that, we’ve compiled this list of the following all-inclusive resorts in Cambodia. These are what we feel are the best all-inclusive hotels in Cambodia. And many of them are all-inclusive beach resorts. Another reason to consider all-inclusive resorts in Cambodia… Read More

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World’s Best All-Inclusive Resorts

When planning your vacation, you want to choose from the best. So we’ve compiled our list of the world’s best all-inclusive resorts! From Jamaica and the Caribbean to the Philippines and India, we’ve got you covered. Aruba Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort Image credit: Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort Image Credit: Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino Image Credit: Hilton… Read More

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Is a Timeshare Ever a Good Idea?

Is a timeshare ever a good idea? That’s a more complicated question than what it seems on the surface. We have a post called “Are Timeshares a Waste of Money?” that approaches this subject from a different angle. In that post, we looked at timeshares from a financial standpoint. Specifically, we talk about timeshares as an investment. For this discussion, we want to look at whether a timeshare is ever… Read More

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5 Awesome Places to Zipline In Puerto Rico

Ziplining is a popular thing to do on vacation, particularly on ecotours. Before getting into our list, here are some things you should know if you want to zipline in Puerto Rico. Expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $134 plus tax to go ziplining in Puerto Rico. If you really want to challenge yourself, go to Toro Verde Adventure park in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. It holds the Guinness World… Read More

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Why Eco-tourism Is Increasing In Popularity

Ecotourism has been increasing in popularity since the 1980’s by about 10% annually because more and more governments are encouraging it. That’s because people interested in ecotourism spend a lot of money. For example, one 10-day all-inclusive eco tour cost upwards of $11,000. This means that governments are benefiting from the money being spent by ecotourists. Social media is another factor aiding in the popularity of ecotourism. When people post… Read More

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6 Best Eco Tours In Cancun

One of the great things about staying at a resort unlike a cruise, is that you can really indulge in excursions. Here is our list of the 10 best eco tours you can visit while in Cancun. Why Eco Tours Before we get into the details of these excursions, we should answer the question: Why is eco-tourism getting so popular? With the concerns over pollution and the extinction of animal… Read More

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Are Ice Hotels a Real Thing?

If you’ve seen the James Bond movie “Die Another Day”, you may remember the Ice Palace. MGM filmed the fictional ice palace in Jökulsárlón in southeast Iceland. It was made to look like a real hotel made of ice that wound up getting melted. But the question is, was that ice hotel a real thing? Ok. Some of that was Hollywood magic like the giant loops on the outside of… Read More

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20 Unusual Items You Can Take On a Plane

We’ve all seen that guy or girl in the TSA security line that gets items they thought they could take on a plane thrown out or confiscated. I can’t imagine how devastated they must feel when that happens. Surprisingly enough, there are items the TSA will permit in aircraft cabins that are unusual. You might be surprised to discover what they are. In this article, we’re going to show you… Read More

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How Do Ski Resorts Make Snow?

If you’re thinking about taking a vacation at a ski resort, it’s important that there be plenty of snow on the slopes. But it begs the question, how do ski resorts make snow? Ski resorts make snow by blowing water droplets into the air with a device called a snow gun. The temperature should be at or below freezing and the humidity low. The snow gun forces tiny droplets of… Read More

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7 Easy Steps to Book a Resort Vacation

Planning an all-inclusive vacation at a resort can seem like a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. I’m going to give you 7 easy steps to help you book an all-inclusive vacation at a resort. Then I’m going to explain what you need to do in each step and why. 1. Decide What’s Important to You to Enjoy Your Vacation The first thing you need to do is decide… Read More

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5 Relaxing Spa Treatments You Can’t Miss

An exciting part of a vacation at an all-inclusive resort is a trip to the spa. What relaxing spa treatments can you expect to get at a spa visit at an all-inclusive resort? What should you do in preparation for your treatment? And what are the benefits of the treatments you’ll receive at the spa? The type of treatments may vary depending on what type of resort you stay at… Read More

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Why Do Resorts Charge Resort Fees?

If you’ve ever stayed at a resort, you were most likely charged a resort fee. Why do resorts charge resort fees? What do resort fees cover? How much are resort fees? How do you identify them on your statement? And how can you avoid paying resort fees? We’ll begin with the first question, why do resorts charge resort fees? Resorts charge resort fees (sometimes called an amenity fee) in order… Read More

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Are Timeshares a Waste of Money?

So, you’re thinking about buying a timeshare. Your main question is, are timeshares a waste of money? Perhaps you’ve already purchased a timeshare. You probably want to know how to get out of it. If you’re still convinced that a timeshare would work for you, what do you need to know before pulling the trigger? Let’s answer these questions starting with the first one, are timeshares a waste of money?… Read More

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Resorts vs Villas – What’s the Difference?

As I checked out different resorts, I came across a question that other people have while doing their research. What’s the difference between a resort and a villa?  The difference between a resort and villa is a resort has everything onsite – restaurants, entertainment, activities, etc. Resorts also tend to have many guests. Villas are more private, luxury residences designed for a relaxed, intimate feeling. The number of rooms is very… Read More

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Are Cruises Cheaper Than Resorts?

Are cruises cheaper than resorts? This is actually a popular question because many of the destinations a cruise will visit are the same islands where resorts are located. In addition to answering the question of whether cruises are cheaper than resorts, we’re going to look into the advantages of going to a resort instead of a cruise.  So, are cruises cheaper than resorts? The answer is Yes, cruises are cheaper than resorts.… Read More

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Best Time to Book a Vacation to Jamaica

Everybody wants to save money. That’s especially true when taking a vacation. That extra cash can be used to enjoy your time away from home. In view of that, what is the best time to book an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica to make your money stretch?  The best time to book an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica depends on how flexible you are with your dates:  Book last minute if your… Read More

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Is It Worth Going All Inclusive in Bali?

You’ve decided you’re going to take a vacation at a resort in Bali. But you’ve got questions. Your most pressing question right now is, Is it worth going all-inclusive in Bali? After all, you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily.   So, is it worth going all-inclusive in Bali? There is no one right answer. However, we say it depends on if you’re bringing a family or if you’re traveling solo or with another person.  Yes… Read More

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Why Do Resorts Hire Celebrity Chefs?

These days, everybody has a celebrity chef. Carnival Cruises has Guy Ferri. Royal Caribbean brought on Jamie Oliver. Curtis Stone inked a deal with Princess Cruises. And just about every major hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has a restaurant featuring a celebrity chef. The thing is, resorts have been doing this for a lot longer. So why do resorts hire celebrity chefs?  Why Do Resorts Hire Celebrity Chefs? We’ve… Read More

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Hotel, Motel, Resort – What’s the Difference?

When planning a vacation, it can get confusing trying to decide where to stay. Is a resort better than a hotel? Should a motel be an option? What are the differences between each one? The main difference between a hotel and a resort is that a hotel is typically designed as a place to sleep before heading out to activities such as a conference or sightseeing in a new city.… Read More

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What Are the Best Resorts to Get Married In Jamaica?

When I got married, it was a rainy Sunday in March. The temperature was good, but the weather was miserable. That was 30 years ago. A trend that was beginning back then was destination weddings, many in Jamaica. So I asked myself, if I could redo my wedding day but instead do it in sunny Jamaica, what resort would it be?  Here’s my list for the best resorts to get married in… Read More

Best All-inclusive Resorts In Southeast Asia

Some of the best resorts in the world are found in Asia. Because of the natural beauty of the area, it’s no surprise that some of the best all-inclusive resorts are found here. What we’ve done is to include our personal picks for the best all-inclusive resorts in Southeast Asia based on what luxury travelers want. This would include things like: free breakfast, shuttle services, a spa, private beaches, airport… Read More

Mexico Resorts

Mexico is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. With many located near crystal clear waters surrounded by natural beauty, Mexican luxury resorts whisk you away from the monotony of daily life. And because you’re in Mexico, you’ll have access to exquisite local cuisine and historical landmarks you may only have seen in documentaries. On Luxury Dream Resorts, we’ll feature our favorite Mexican resorts and highlight… Read More

Dominican Republic All-inclusive Beach Resorts

One of the best destinations to visit for all-inclusive beach resort vacations is the Dominican Republic. Once upon a time, you could vacation there and be pretty isolated. Now it has become a go-to location for vacationing. And for good reason. More and more developers have invested in the country. That means more resorts for you to visit. And that also helps the local economy. Why Visit Dominican Republic? Being… Read More

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