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5 Awesome Places to Zipline In Puerto Rico

man in blue shirt and green helmet ziplining

Ziplining is a popular thing to do on vacation, particularly on ecotours. Before getting into our list, here are some things you should know if you want to zipline in Puerto Rico.

Expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $134 plus tax to go ziplining in Puerto Rico. If you really want to challenge yourself, go to Toro Verde Adventure park in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. It holds the Guinness World Record of being the world’s longest zipline at 7,234 feet long and 1,200 feet above ground. It’s possible to go in excess of 60 miles per hour on a zipline. Remember that speed increases as a function of weight. In other words, the heavier you are, the faster you’ll move on a zipline. Wear long pants, long shorts, or leggings to zipline. Wearing shorter clothing can bunch up and be uncomfortable when the harness is tightened.

Things To Know Before Zip Lining

When you go on a ziplining adventure, you’ll be really high off the ground. Here’s a stat for reference. Toro Verde Adventure that we mentioned earlier is 1,200 feet above ground. One half of a mile is 2,640 feet.

That’s pretty high off the ground! So if you’re afraid of heights, take that into consideration before signing up for a zipline.

Weight is another consideration when ziplining. Generally, zipline adventures will only allow those who weigh less than 250 to 270 pounds.

Something that experienced zipliners have said is that it can be a scary experience. Not scary as in terrifying though. A common feeling is taking that first step off the platform. That’s what’s really nerve racking.

After that, things get exciting. Since we’re talking about ziplining in Puerto Rico, you’ll get an amazing view as you pass by trees and birds. The vista will be breathtaking.

And like anything that you do that’s initially nerve wracking, after you do it once, you’ll want to do it over and over again. If you visit the zipline at El Ultimo Brinco Waterfall, you’ll even be able to take in the waterfall from above.

5 Awesome Places To Zipline In Puerto Rico

man and woman ziplining above the trees
Man and woman ziplining

Let’s get to what you came here for – our list of 5 awesome places to zipline in Puerto Rico! This list is in alphabetical order. We don’t recommend one over another.

And at the end of each entry, we’ll provide recommendations of resorts and hotels near that zipline adventure to make your zipline experience easier.

Batey Zipline Adventures

Batey Zipline Adventures offers 3 zipline tours:

  • Zipline Tour
  • Classic Half-Day Tour
  • Extended Tour

Let’s start with what is consistent across all three of these tours.

In addition to ziplining by means of 7 different lines, each tour also includes a trek crossing a 150-ft long suspension bridge across the Tanama river. A hike through the forest is also included. This is experienced at the beginning and the end of the tour.

The Zipline Tour stops here. To get into more action, you’ll need to upgrade to the Classic Half-Day Tour.

The Classic Half-Day Tour adds a 70-foot rappel drop, free jumps, a swim in natural swimming pools and “breathtaking views of the Northern Karst forest”.

Opting for the Extended Tour adds on river trekking, a visit to Arch’s cave that has pure water springs and a boat or kayak ride to an underground river cave.

Sounds like everything you need to get your heart racing and take in nature at the same time. You will need a group of 6 people minimum to get the party started.

Here are some nearby hotels that might make your zipline tour an even better vacation:

JungleQui Zipline Adventure

The JungleQui Zipline Adventure is a half-day thrill ride that includes 3 natural pools you can swim in. And since we’re talking about zip lining, you’ll also enjoy 11 zip lines plus 2 free-fall rappels.

What’s nice about this zipline adventure is that your transportation to and from your San Juan hotel is included. Not to mention all equipment and fees. In other words, once you pay, you’re all set.

And since you’ll be at the edge of the El Yunque National Rain Forest, you’ll be able to enjoy a hike in the forest to get you to the starting point for your zip line adventure.

You’ll be exhausted (in a good way) after this tour is over. It’s a good thing you won’t have to drive yourself back to your resort.

Because transportation is provided to and from this zipline adventure, these hotels might be a good place to rest up when you’re done:

Hacienda Campo Rico

Hacienda Campo Rico offers a lot of active, outdoor actives to enjoy. When it comes to zip lining, they feature two. And both include lunch!

  • Camp Rico Ziplining Adventure
  • Camp Rico Cave Rappelling & Ziplining Safari

The Camp Rico Ziplining Adventure has 5 ziplines and 5 hanging canopy bridges. Like most zipline adventures, this one also includes a hike.

The Campo Rico Cave Rappelling & Ziplining Safari offers a few more activities as the name suggests.

Here you’ll choose from 3 ziplines and 3 hanging canopy bridges. What’s different is that this adventure adds an off-road vehicle ride and cave rappelling. And just like the other zipline adventure, your lunch is included.

If you still haven’t satisfied your outdoor adventure craving, you can go on an ATV tour or horseback riding.

On the off chance that those with you want to zipline but it’s not your thing, you can let them have their fun. You’ll be on a 90-minute trolly excursion on the grounds of the property exploring the plants and wildlife.

Hacienda Campo Rico is only 10 minutes away from San Juan. So, here’s where we suggest staying if you want to visit:

La Marquesa Canopy Tours

La Marquesa Canopy Tours is operated in the La Marquesa Forest Reserve. That means you’re in for an awesome zipline experience and ecotour.

Let’s start with ziplining.

This zipline adventure is a good place for beginners. There are 8 ziplines and 14 platforms. And the cables are mounted between 10 feet and 70 feet in the air. So if you’re a beginner or afraid of heights, this is a good place to start.

Not a bad way to spend 2 hours. And it’s only 20 minutes from San Juan. So here are some places you might want to consider staying during your vacation:

Rainforest Zipline Park

Rainforest Zipline Park offers the best of two worlds.

First, ziplining.

The park offers two ziplining experiences:

  • Rainforest Zipline Experience
  • Rainforest Zipline Plus El Yunque National Forest Visit

Rainforest Zipline Experience claims to have the longest zipline in the area at 2,300 feet. Plant a camera on you to take in the scenery from this 2 hour adventure.

Moving up to the Rainforest Zipline Plus El Yunque National Forest Visit gives you the Zipline Experience’s 8 ziplines plus an excursion into the El Yunque National Forest.

This one’s going to take a bit more time out of your day. In fact, you’ll need a full 8 hours if you want this experience.

This brings us to the second cool thing about coming to Rainforest Zipline Park.


There are 5 different trails through El Yunque National Forest ranging from 0.2 miles to 2.4 miles long. These trails range from moderate to challenging.

If you want to turn your visit into an ecotour, this is a great place to do it. You’ll be immersed in the fauna and wildlife of the forest with some trails following the river. You’ll even get a history lesson if you choose the El Yunque Trail.

You’re resort will be only 30 minutes from San Juan. So give these resorts a try if you plan on visiting the Rainforest Zipline Park:

You Can’t Go Wrong

If you’re planning to zipline in Puerto Rico, you really can’t go wrong. If you’ve ever been to Puero Rico, you know that it’s a beautiful place. Even after you’ve finished your ziplining adventure, take a tour of the town.

We had a great tour from the tour companies that sit at the docks waiting for cruise ship passengers. Make sure they take you past the first ever “White House”.

And you can’t leave Puerto Rico with trying some authentic Mofongo!

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