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When it comes to vacationing at a luxury resort, a few names automatically come to mind. They’re typically the big, branded chains. There are advantages to staying at these branded resorts. You know what to expect. If you visit a Sandals or Beaches resort in Jamaica, you know what to expect if you stay at one of those properties in Barbados.

Another thing you can expect is the potential for full bookings. That means you may not be able to stay at your resort of choice on your desired dates. And it’s almost a certainty that during the busy vacation season, your options may be limited.

That’s why we created Luxury Dream Resorts. There are SO many excellent luxury resorts around the world that fly under the radar because they don’t have the advertising budget of bigger resorts. Yet, their value is just as high.

Boutique resorts are a fantastic way to enjoy a vacation. At Luxury Dream Resorts, we feature these boutique resorts along with the tourist attractions that are available to enjoy nearby.

Our goal is to connect you to these resorts. We want to expose you to the tourist attractions and excursion opportunities available to you by staying at these hidden gems. Not only that, we want to educate you on things in the resort industry that can cost you dearly if you don’t know about them. Additionally, we’ll provide helpful travel tips to make your vacation experience one you’ll want to repeat year after year.

Timeshares are also an option many people consider when making vacation plans. We have an extensive breakdown of timeshares, what they are, if they could be of value, the differences between types of timeshares and more.

Tony Alexander has been to dozens of timeshare presentations in locations including Las Vegas, Mexico, Florida, Myrtle Beach and The Poconos. He uses these experiences to give you a behind the curtain view of timeshare presentations. This way you can make your determination of timeshare ownership with an arsenal of information.

Welcome to Luxury Dream Resorts!