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Is It Worth Going All Inclusive in Bali?

Share this...Facebook0Pinterest0TwitterLinkedinStumbleUpon0Reddit0emailYou’ve decided you’re going to take a vacation at a resort in Bali. But you’ve got questions. Your most pressing question right now is, Is it worth going all-inclusive in Bali? After all, you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily.   So, is it worth going all-inclusive in Bali? There is no one right...
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Why Do Resorts Hire Celebrity Chefs?

Share this...Facebook0Pinterest0TwitterLinkedinStumbleUpon0Reddit0emailThese days, everybody has a celebrity chef. Carnival Cruises has Guy Ferri. Royal Caribbean brought on Jamie Oliver. Curtis Stone inked a deal with Princess Cruises. And just about every major hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has a restaurant featuring a celebrity chef. The thing is, resorts...
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Hotel, Motel, Resort – What’s the Difference?

Share this...Facebook0Pinterest0TwitterLinkedinStumbleUpon0Reddit0emailWhen planning a vacation, it can get confusing trying to decide where to stay. Is a resort better than a hotel? Should a motel be an option? What are the differences between each one? The main difference between a hotel and a resort is that a hotel is...
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What Are the Best Resorts to Get Married In Jamaica?

Share this...Facebook0Pinterest0TwitterLinkedinStumbleUpon0Reddit0emailWhen I got married, it was a rainy Sunday in March. The temperature was good, but the weather was miserable. That was almost 30 years ago. A trend that was beginning back then was destination weddings, many in Jamaica. So I asked myself, if I could redo my wedding day...
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